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Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat Review

Britax is a leading manufacturer of the juvenile equipment. Keen on ensuring the safety of your baby, Britax B-Safe also considers your convenience in using their products. Products from Britax have never failed to impress the customers with their unique features. Whether it is a car seat, pram, stroller or travel system Britax is sure to have one that is the safest for your baby. They have products that are in the high priced category as well as cheaper ones that do not compromise on the safety of your baby.

Britax car seat is a relatively new product from Britax that has gained excellent feedback from customers. It is also rated 4.2 out of 5 in a large number of infant car seat reviews. Priced at around $179, this baby car seat from Britax is something no parent should miss.

Britax B-Safe Baby Travel System

Parents often complain about their baby travel system and car seats being too bulk allowing little space inside the vehicle. If yours is a small vehicle, Britax has some good news for you. The Britax infant car seat is designed to fit comfortably into smaller vehicles. Compared to the Chaperone which is yet another great product from Britax, the Britax B-safe baby car seat lacks the anti-rebound bar and additional head wings for enhanced side impact protection making these infant car seats from Britax smaller as well as lighter.

Shedding the extra fittings, a Britax baby car seat weighs not more than 16 pounds. The light weight feature coupled with a very comfortable carry handle makes it easy for you to carry your baby around in case you forget to pop the stroller into the trunk. The excellent multi-positional canopy of the car seat can be adjusted as per your choice to provide enough shade for your baby.

Regarded as one of the best infant car seats available, this product from Britax has all necessary features to ensure the safety of your little one when inside your vehicle. Well padded seat, head rest and straps made of soft material are sure to keep your baby comfy. It offers good side impact protection and with the tangle-free five-point harness you need not worry about your baby getting entrapped in the car seat.

How to Installation Infant Car Seat

For installation Britax car seat, please check this website Britax car seat safety guidelines. The harness belt can be adjusted to fit even a four-pound baby comfortably. Your baby will feel neither squeezed up in the seat nor have unnecessary free space allowing it to sway. You can change the harness length to adjust to your baby as it grows. These infant car seats from Britax can safely hold babies up to 30 pounds of weight. Rethreading the harness in order to fit your baby’s height might look like a drawback. But yes, how often do you need to rethread? Definitely not every day!

Installation Infant Car Seat

Very easy to install, these car seats employ the click and go technology that provides excellent compatibility with the Britax stroller allowing you to convert the stroller into a complete travel system in just a matter of seconds. Britax travel system provides excellent agility. As it is not too wide or heavy, you can easily push it along even the very crowded corners and cramped spaces on your routine visit to the supermarket.

The base to which you will be fixing the car seat comes with angle indicators on both sides. This allows you to position the base and car seat in the ideal position and not above the most allowed recline. Newborns, as they are very delicate and fragile, will need a 45-degree angle of recline to feel comfortable and stay safe. Indicators on both sides come real handy when you need to fix the car seat on either side of your vehicle.

Comfortable and Easy Setup

The base once fixed does not budge even when pulled or pushed tight. The carrier of the car seat can be easily popped into the base and hold real tight. To remove the carrier from the base, you have the handle behind the carrier that simply needs to be pulled. The car seat smoothly comes off the base. All these features make this the safest infant car seat in the market.

There is an increasing tendency among parents go for used car seats for their infants as they find the brand new ones a little above their budget. Used car seats will obviously help you save much but you are taking a huge risk by doing so. There are various reasons as to why you should be concerned.

It is not always possible to know the exact history of the used car seat. It could have been in a crash previously or be recalled due to faulty design or the material or the car seat simply would have reached its limit due to normal wear and tear. A better choice would be to cut down on other expenses and purchase a quality brand new car seat for your baby.

Slightly less priced than the previous car seats from Britax, the Britax B-Safe infant car seats are affordable cheap infant car seats that do not compromise on the safety of your baby.