Hypnotherapy Techniques

Using a unique combination of modern hypnotherapy techniques

No swinging watches… no swirling spirals… not one…. not ever!

You’ll soon see why our stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions are so unique.

The key to the stop smoking hypnotherapy session is that it’s quick, easy, enjoyable and informative – it only takes around an hour.

By the end of the session you’ll understand how hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking, why hypnotherapy is so effective compared to other methods of stopping smoking, and you’ll understand more about why you used to smoke than you’ve ever thought possible.

You’ll hear Plain English… you’ll understand what’s happening every step of the way. We won’t use jargon, or try to ‘blind you with science’, and there’ll be no lectures on the dangers of smoking.

Your stop smoking hypnotherapy session will be held at Ten Harley Street, in Central London.However you travel to us, you will find that we’re easy to get to, with good public transport connections.If you arrive by car, we are located adjacent to the large car-park at Cavendish Square and you will be able to take advantage of our discounted parking rate. Please ask our receptionists for details.From the moment you arrive, you will find all the staff are courteous, helpful and professional. Our receptionists will invite you to wait in the well-appointed waiting room, where your friends and family can also wait for you while you have your session.

A professional service from beginning to end
…because your hypnotherapists have achieved the highest standards of professional accreditation, and are:

Fully qualified, registered, and licensed Harley Street Clinical Hypnoanalysts and Psychotherapists
Members of the International Association of Hypno-Analysts
Members of the General Hypnotherapy Register (The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council)
Highly trained professional therapists who exceed the high levels of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) expected by their professional associations.
Respectful of your confidentiality
Easy to talk to
Experienced, understanding and non-judgmental
Your hypnotherapists are fully trained analytical hypnotherapists, and not just ‘stop smoking’ hypnotherapists, and so are able to offer you a unique range services, not only in stopping smoking using hypnotherapy, but also for any other issues you might have.