How Leptin Diet Works to Lose Your Weight

Woman-On-A-Leptin-DietThere are plenty of diets to lose weight and one of them is leptin diet. This diet is special because it is such a secret to get more energy even we eat less food. It is different from fad diet, starvation routine diet and calorie manipulation diet.

Everyone will love the way the diet not involve pleasure deprivation. Therefore, this diet is applicable for everyone, whether they want to lose weight or not. There are two important points to see about this diet. They are about how it works and some basic rules of this diet.

How Leptin Diet Helps Weight Loss

Leptin is a hormone that manages human’s body balance. When leptin diet is taken for a specific purpose, weight loss, it works in two ways. First, the diet control over the fat storage and it works on the appetite suppression.

Leptin Diet

Leptin hormone will control the nutrients that will be converted into energy and stored as fat. In addition, this hormone also works as a mediator for energy regulation in a long term service. It suppresses the dieters’ cravings and their desires for more snacks.

Those with overweight and obesity commonly have limited leptin. Therefore, they will have imbalance body management. They have more stored fat than those who are burned for more energy. There are some artificial leptin diet pills or leptin supplements that are available in the market.

They can simply take them into their diet. The supplements help manage the body balance, but they are recognized ineffective. For more effective result, you better take leptin diet with some basic rules to follow.

Basic Rules of Leptin Diet

There are 5 basic rules that you need to follow when you take leptin diet.

  1. First, you should never eat after dinner. This habit will store more and more fat and make the diet and exercise have limited effect. The later you eat the higher risk of converting calories into stored fat.
  2. The second rule is to eat 3 meals a day. Keep in mind that you need to maintain about 3 to 6 hours between the 3 meals without snack. Drink plenty of water to keep you feel full and avoid sodas and coffees.
  3. Rule number 3 is not eating large meals. You have 3 meals and those should be in small portions. You better eat them slowly.
  4. The fourth leptin diet rule is to have a protein rich breakfast. Especially for the first meal, you need to take about 25+ grams protein so that they will reduce your cravings.
  5. The last rule is to reduce carbohydrates intake. You should not cut the carbs, but reducing them is enough.