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Using a unique combination of modern hypnotherapy techniques No swinging watches… no swirling spirals… not one…. not ever! You’ll soon see why our stop smoking hypnotherapy sessions are so unique. …..

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Why Wait For Last Minute?

Quite a few people who come for stop smoking hypnotherapy, especially ones who haven’t been to a hypnotherapist before, don’t really know what it’s going to be like. Some people are apprehensive to start with, many are looking forward to it, and lots of people are fascinated in the whole process! The important thing to remember if you are considering hypnotherapy for the first time is that we all had a first time!  We can remember what it’s like to have that first hypnotherapy session, and that’s why we always go out of our way to explain to everyone exactly what it’s going to be like, and to answer as many questions as you may have. “So, what is it like?” The thing that surprises people the most, is that you will probably be wide awake the whole time! – We say probably, because after all it is extremely relaxing, and some people do come to us after a hard day at work.  (Some people do have a little snore, but it still works for them!) “Have you ever forgotten to pick the kids up from school because you were engrossed in that afternoon's TV movie? – it’s a bit like that. (but without the phone call from the headmaster!)” “What about those stage hypnosis shows – Is it like that?” No, it’s nothing like that at all.  We could go on for ten pages describing the personalities and psychological profiles of the volunteers who are up there on stage… but suffice to say, they are all very carefully chosen! (basically, they’re the ones who’ll do whatever they’re told!) By far the most common reaction of people at the end of their session is “I’m so relaxed – I wish I could just stay here all day”. We’d rather answer a hundred questions than let there be something you didn’t understand, so If you’ve got any questions about any of what goes on in the session,

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Stop Smoking Now or Never

The word hypnotherapy can itself be broken down into two parts. ‘Hypno’ – and ‘Therapy’. The ‘therapy’ part is there because, to put it simply, it’s a process which is used to bring about a positive change in your life.’ Any therapy, whether hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, osteopathy, or whatever, is designed to make a positive difference to you and your life. The ‘hypno’ bit comes from the root word ‘hypnos’, which means to sleep. This is a bit of a shame really, because you’re wide awake the whole time! All we’re really doing is getting the ‘thinking’ parts of your mind SO relaxed, that we can have a bit of a chat with the ‘feeling’ parts for a change. Rather than being asleep, hypnosis is a bit like being absorbed in a good book or film… a bit like going to the cinema when you’re on holiday, and when the film finishes, and you get up to leave, for a split second… just for a tiny moment… you can’t quite remember what town you’re in. But while you were watching the film, you were wide awake… able to think, move, talk, scratch your bum, whatever you wanted to do… just totally absorbed in what was going on around you. Hypnosis feels a bit like that for most people. In fact, you go through hypnosis yourself, at least twice a day. It’s a stage you go through as you begin to fall asleep at night, and again as you wake up in the morning. Really, what we do as hypnotherapists, is just create for you a really relaxing environment, nice and warm, with a comfy chair and relaxing music, and just talk to you so that you become really relaxed. Once you’re really relaxed, we can simply talk to the subconscious, the ‘feeling’ parts of the mind, just to let them know it’s ok to be a non-smoker. Once your feeling parts of your mind know it’s ok to be a non-smoker, once they’ve effectively been given permission to let you get on with your life as a non-smoker, you will find that you stop smoking easily, immediately and permanently.

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